Don't Be A Computer Virus Victim

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Here are some tips on how to not become a victim of a computer virus. Please share..

  • Don't download anything from anyone you don't know or aren't expecting...EVER.
  • Check to see who the email is addressed to. If it's not addressed to you, then it may not be legitimate.
  • If your email has an attachment, go into your email headers and look at it. If it's any program file, and you aren't  expecting it, it in itself probably isn't a virus, but it could very easily have a virus embedded in it.
  • Do Not visit questionable websites. Whether you mean to or not, you may end up at a questionable website. You might click on a pop-up ad or a bad link in an e-mail. Either way these types of websites do NOT have your best intentions in mind.
  • Do Not Download illegal online content. Sure it is easy to get the latest music, movies, or games online but should you? NO! One, it's illegal. Two, it can really cause some serious issues.
  • Unsafe web searching. Make sure you use the real Google, Yahoo or Bing as your search engine rather than some other search engine. Sometimes a toolbar will change your search engine default to theirs so they can make some money from advertisements.
  • Do Not Click unknown links in your e-mail. This one is very essential now a days because everyone gets a few hundred e-mails a day. Most of them are spam but a few of them look legit because they claim to be from your bank, courier services or other well-known companies. They are just there to get you t click a link then steal your information or take you to a questionable website or launch some adware or spyware.
  • Do Not Install junk software. Free is not always the best option. Free comes with a few extra things most of the time. Who would spend all that time making a program, then just give it away for free? Most of the time they expect you to click through when installing and installs partner advertisements and junk on you computer. 
  • Failing to update software. One of the easiest  ways for hackers to access your computer is by not updating your software and operating system. Software makers are always plugging security holes to prevent this from happening, but if you don't have the latest version, you can be more likely to become a victim. This includes virus protection updates.
  • Always have Virus Protection Software on your computer from a credible security company. 

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